Monday, 13 May 2013

Homeslice - Seven Dials

Just to put things into perspective, that's a person's arm just visible in the shot above, not a child, not a hobbit, not a borrower, a person.

See how said arm is dwarfed by the gargantuan sized mega-pizza?

Observe how the giant pizza makes the arm appear to be the size of a topping on it's moon-like doughy base.

'Pimping food,' is a phrase often used but in the world of pizza, Homeslice has the monopoly, having made the largest pizza I have ever been lucky enough to set eyes (and teeth) upon.

London is now happily brimming with delicious, informal and affordable pizza places and Homeslice is the latest offering.

Homeslice originally started life as a mobile wood-fired oven in the courtyard of London Fields Brewery and two years later it's relocated to Neil's Yard.

I visited early on a week night and the place was already bursting at the seams, which meant cozying up to two strangers in order to get a table.

It's has the intimate, elbow-to-elbow seating that's become the norm in many places in London and only adds to the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant.

The guys on hand were personable, attentive and rather than 'serving' made it feel as if you had gone over to their house for the evening.

Pizza is served by slice, whole, or can be chosen half-and-half, we went for the Soppresata (salami with fennel) and rocket and the artichoke and courgette.

Other, very tempting options were white anchovy and chard with Doddington cheese, my 'date' hates fish (and yet I'm still friends with her) so I couldn't go for this, bone marrow and watercress and the more traditional caprese and margheritia.

All are the same price, £4 for a slice and £20 for one (or two halves) of a whole pizza.

I felt flattered that the man serving us reassured us with "don't worry girls, it's a very thin pizza so you will be able to get through it," as if it were ever going to be a problem.

Drinks wise the only choice was by colour, rose, white, or, red, which was served in gigantic (sensing a theme) bottles which are then measured when you leave to assess how much you have drank and therefore how much you will be charged.

Incredibly dangerous for me but I liked the concept none the less and the red wine they had selected was delicious, an Argentinian Malbec.

The pizza itself was thin with crunchy crusts but a soft, moist middle that could be folded in half.

The artichoke was oily but firm enough that it didn't disintegrate when you bit into it, complimenting the soft and delicate courgette. It was slightly sweet and summery and despite wolfing down several slices, felt light.

Soppresata was a revelation for me, I don't think I've eaten it before and the flecks of fennel within it added an aniseed flavour, spiced up by the peppery rocket.

Both toppings were punctuated with soft pillows of cheese which gave a creamy depth but didn't drown the delicate flavours.

Oh and yes, we did finish all of it.

This is where I will be eating pizza for the forseeable future.

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  1. You would LOVE it! Although the wine situation can get slightly out of hand...